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GetLandy is the ideal tool that allows you to create, launch and manage landing pages to turn more visitors into customers! The landing page is the key to optimizing your acquisition campaigns.

Perfect integration with your existing tools

Vos landing pages parfaitement intégrées à vos outils existants

Do you want to integrate a powerful tool for creating landing pages into your marketing stack? With GetLandy, it's super simple. The leads generated via your landing pages go directly into your CRM and marketing automation tools.

Some examples of integrations:
HubSpot / Salesforce / Microsoft Dynamics 365 / Pipedrive / Sellsy / Agile CRM / Zoho CRM / Google Sheets / Sendinblue / Mailchimp / Mailjet / Sarbacane / ActiveCampaign / Mautic / Marketo / Plezi / Lemlist / Calendly / Google Analytics / Google Tag Manager / Google Ads / Hotjar / Zapier / Webhook / API...

Their landing pages are created with GetLandy

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Simplicity for your landing pages

Create landing pages without any technical knowledge with our Drag & Drop editor.

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Optimisation of landing pages

Edit responsive landing pages optimized for each visitor.

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Speed of creation of landing pages

Use our templates and deploy a large number of landing pages.

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Conversion through landing pages

Test your most effective landing pages and generate more customers.

What is a Landing Page?

Looking for the best landing page creation tool? But what exactly is a landing page?

"A landing page is the ad landing page created specifically for ad traffic. It is the page that is seen immediately after a click on an online ad."

The landing page is created to improve the effectiveness of the ad. Its particularity is that it is a page adapted to the target and to the promise of the advertisement. Its content is focused solely on the product or service highlighted by the ad. Another of its characteristics is that the landing page is dissociated from the rest of the site, and Internet users can only access it through the ad. This is why the structure of a landing page is totally different from that of a classic website page. A landing page, unlike a classic page, has no navigation menu, no advertisements and no other distractions that distract the user from conversion.

The objective of a landing page is to generate a unique action from the user: fill out a form, put in the cart ... Each element of the landing page must serve to obtain the conversion. The user gets on a single page all the information he needs to take action.

In the end, the landing page contributes to increasing the conversion rate and reducing the cost of acquiring a new customer. It is an essential component of conversion optimization.

For your landing pages, there is a good tool... And it is GetLandy!

With GetLandy,
create simple and effective landing pages

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